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  • Applying for scholarships in the UK
    If you are interested in learning more about scholarships at UK universities, arrange your free consultation in London today.
  • What we will do
    Are you looking for a scholarship, grant or bursary to help fund your studies in the UK? We will inform you of university courses that offer scholarships just for Back2study students Provide up-to-date information on local and national scholarships
  • What do they ask regarding my course of study?
    What is the course name and academic level? What qualification will you get after the course if you pass? This is all on your CAS and/or offer letter. When does the course start and finish? How many terms/semesters is it? What are the modules/subjects of the course? What will you study during the course? How are you going to be assessed on the course? You can find all this information on the centre website. Did you do any research before choosing the school/course? What other schools/courses did you consider, and why did you decide on this one? How is this course going to benefit you for your future career and/or academic plans?
  • How qustions do they ask?
    What is the name of the school? This may not be the same as the school's Tier 4 name – check your CAS statement for such details. Did you use an educational agent at any stage (even if you stopped using them)? Who is/was your agent and why did you choose them? Why did you choose this university/college/school? Why did you choose this course and how does it relate to your previous study? Why do you wish to study in the UK? Why not stay in your own country to study, if similar the courses is are available there What is your plan after completing the course? Do you intend to stay in the UK (for additional studies) or are you returning home? If you are changing course or study pathway, why are you are making such a change of direction in your studies? How do you explain any gaps in your previous education/employment history?
  • Do they ask where will I stay in the UK ?
    Yes, they do and below are some examples of questions previously asked : Where is the school? Which city is it in and which part of the UK does it belong to? Have you arranged accommodation? If not, why not? How will you/did you find it? How much does accommodation cost in the city/town where you will be studying? How will you commute between your accommodation and the school (bus, train, underground etc.)?
  • How do I prepare for the Visa Interview?
    We do recommend our students to prepare for these visa interviews so they can answer the questions properly and accurately to assist the Visa Officers who will be assessing their applications and this also ensures there is minimum delay to the processing of their visa application.Here are a few things to bear in mind: Do attend - Failure to attend the interview may result in your application being automatically refused. In the event you cannot attend, contact the Visa Office to reschedule. Do answer- You should always answer all questions fully and honestly. Do think - You should think in advance about your course, the documents you provided in your visa application, and your intention to study. The UKVI(UK Visas and Immigration, also known as UKBA) want to know that you have given serious thought before choosing your course. Do speak in English! - One of the most important things they will be checking is your level of English, so always answer in English, not via an interpreter. Do ask - Ask for clarification if you do not understand a question to make sure you are providing the information they want.
  • Visa Application Assistance & Interview Preparation
    Our team will provide you with the requirements and a list of all documents you need to have in order to proceed with you Visa Application. After that we will give you a small workshop training you to ace your visa interview and what questions to excpect.
  • University Application
    We give you a list of recommended universities to apply to based on your qualifications and then we will provide you with a review to your application forms, CVs, Cover Letter and then apply to the University on your behalf
  • Free Consultation
    Free 1 hour consultation for international students applying to study in the UKwith a university specialist in our office or via Skype with our London team. This session helps students choose a career and a subject of study and University they are interested in based on their qualifications and exertise
  • Advice on which Offer to Choose
    After recieving different acceptances from different universities, our team will help you filter the outcomes and choose the course that best fits you
  • Advice on Scholarships
    We will inform you of university courses that offer scholarships just for and then we will give you up-to-date information on local and national scholarships available for you to apply to
  • IELTS and TOEFL Couching
    Our experienced english tutors and professionals will assist and train you on the needed skills and knowledge you should have before undertaking your IELTS/TOEFL exams in order to ensure you of having a passing grade.
  • Support Throughout the Process
    We make sure to support you throughout the way, from the moment you had the first session for us untill you are guranteed an acceptance and receive your student visa. All of this is for FREE.
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