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Dear Students,

The benefits of studying abroad have been highly underrated to merely getting a degree from overseas which surely does not give a hinge bit of justice to the whole concept. For some it is just education but for many it has been more of a life enduring adventure.


Uni lectures and study is a large part of your time spent but what you will nourish is meeting people from around the world, learning about new cultures, networking with a variety of humans, participating in cross community talks, build relations with global entrepreneurs, make lifelong friends from different backgrounds, have crazy night outs, invite your tutors to join you, travel to different cities, work in a pub, intern with the Fortune 500, hob on to new cuisines everyday, cook for your flatmates, invite your parents to show your new world. 


Parin Shah


Yash Chheda

Master in Entrepreneurship

University of Reading


Back2study helped me in my course search and application to various universities. 

yasha pic.jpg

Yasha Khutiya

MA in education

Warwick University

Thank you to the team at Back2study. It was very difficult for me to adjust with the new city and coming from Mumbai, Coventry 

Yash gada pic.jpg

Yash Gada


Birmingham City University

I had a fantastic experience with Back2study, right from course selection to helping me with my visa application. 


Mousam Patel

Master in Entrepreneurship

University of Reading

If you are looking for someone to help you and guide you throughout your academic life abroad, Back2study is your one stop shop


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